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Welcome to King of Falafel & Shawarma

New York's #1 Street Vendor! The King is here to feed you, open from 9am - 11pm Mon through Saturday. If you crave for his delicious and famous Chicken and Rice platters, Shawarma or Falafels try making them yourself at home. The King is sharing his fierce famous recipes online! And don't be shy to let him know how you did, The King would love to hear from all his customers. Located over 5 years on 30th Street and Broadway (in front of C-Town supermarket and 1 block from N/Q ) in Astoria you will be amazed at the quality and the amount of food you get for your buck.

Come and visit our new location King Falafel & Shawarma Express on 53rd and Park Avenue.

The King of Falafel won the Vendy award in 2010 for best street food in NYC, rightfully so, if you think its too good to to be true true, try it for yourself. It's the best cart food you'll have in NYC. Falafel wrap for lunch, and chicken platter for dinner, and with all that you're still only spending $10. You gotta have cart! The King awaits you!